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离开KaDeWe,继续往前逛。如下只讲述路上拍摄的一部分照片,其他懒得描述的照片 … 继续阅读

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14日的Agile Testing Days结束后,还有比较充裕的时间,到前台和 … 继续阅读

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3rd Day @ AgileTD.DE (contd.)

“Sepcification Wokrshops – the missing l … 继续阅读

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3rd Day @ Agile Testing Days.DE

The 3rd day had also many good sessions, … 继续阅读

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small Oktoberfest @ Agile Testing Days.DE

A “Chill Out / Dinner Buffet” was origin … 继续阅读

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2nd Day @ Agile Testing Days.DE

Two days conference with presentation tr … 继续阅读

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“Designing a Lean Software Development Process” by Mary Poppendieck

The first day of this conference was for … 继续阅读

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