small Oktoberfest @ Agile Testing Days.DE

A “Chill Out / Dinner Buffet” was originally planned at the evening of 2nd day at Agile Testing Days, the organizer was so nice that changed their idea, to provide us a small Oktoberfest (Check more about German Oktoberfest). And they dressed in kind of traditional clothes, at least traditional in a Chinese’s eyes…

100_3539 100_3540

Other people of the organizer :

100_3578 100_3566 100_3570

The first part was summary of this conference, and the prospect of 2010 Agile Testing Days. Then it’s the conference dessert which I thought very good, even though I’m not sure if every conference has — the Prize Draw. One beautiful girl picked names from the big silvered bowl, who has a knot with her caestus, and it means she’s not married yet (as Jose said). Prizes include : one year “Testing Experience” for free; a bottle of Champaign (wine); two books of “Bridging the Communication Gap” (Gojko Adzik); a free ticket for Agile Testing Days 2010. And finally there was a special prize — “Agile Testing”, the book of Lisa Crispin.

100_3541 100_3550

100_3544 100_3546  100_3545

We also had a band playing live show, they were old, but wearing also the kind of traditional clothes (one guy told later, this kind of thing only happen for people from Bavaria). The band was interesting, I guess they were playing the German national anthem, coz at the time everybody stand up and cheer, even someone was laughing. Jose told me the reason was everyday when German wake up and turn on the radio, it’s this song.

100_3552  100_3553 100_3554

100_3557 100_3558

Check the video of the song 🙂

He also told me another thing regarding German — currywurst, the national food. I feel it’s just that, nothing special, neither too bad nor too good. Oh, by the way, the desserts on this Oktoberfest were also very good.

100_3569 100_3560

Check those big names I caught in my camera 🙂

– Tom Poppendieck, Gojko Adzik, Lisa Crispin, Elisabeth Hendrickson

100_3563 100_3564

100_3586 100_3579

100_3580 100_3581

And many other participants who made this conference great together.

100_3551 100_3555 100_3561

100_3567 100_3582 100_3587

See those dancing people, they were really committed and enjoyed.

100_3573 100_3574 100_3575

And one more video clip about the band.


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