Pictures from Scrum Introductions

I have given several Scrum introductions, it’s very simple one, introduce Agile values and principles, scrum framework, and then do a scrum simulation which people make a city turism brochure. People always give you suprise, e.g. beautiful brochures 🙂
Once a team had really talent people, nearly all the team members can draw colorful papers, and they were really nice! They made a brochure for city Hangzhou.
The cover page, with famous sight-seeings, and special Chinese charactor made for "Hang" at the left bottom corner.

The page with west lake and the mountain.
Entaintment information pages.
Transportation information and the city map, look at the train, the bus, the taxi, and the plane, colorful! I like them!
Final contacts page.
Another product, the reason I like it is it’s the first artifact I saw people paste the pages together to be a real brochure… The shortage is it’s a bit too transparant 😦
The cover and the back cover.
the overview, actually I felt they also have a talent at layout design.
A close look to inner pages.
The training was not too much to talk about, but everytime I felt their excitement for made a good product especially compare to other teams. And of course  everytime the PO was really nice, no matter how sucks the product, PO commented "I am satisified". Also, it’s too good a situation in the training, that PO can closely work with the team and give the feedback on Work In Process (if team asks PO to).
A thought is, according to different knowledge level trainees, it’s better to reorganize the training material / structure or perhaps everything. Since I found comparing to waterfall / BPUF method doesn’t work for newcomers / graduates, they do not even understand waterfall… faint …

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