Working with Craig Larman

Craig Larman is visiting our site now, I will be work with him in order to study. Too busy to follow sessions these two days, hope the next two days and next week will be more time available.

Those experts seems know more underlying facts of Agile practices or frameworks and so on, referring to some articles or publications are quite normal. I was astonished, coz it would be amazing if they read all those reference documents. Perhaps that’s said "one is never too old to learn". Let’s keep learning, forever!

If you have any questions in your mind regarding Agile, raise it up, I’ll try to ask. My mind is so slow these days, maybe I need a good rest 😦


About Kaveri, Yi XU

Agile Coach & Consutlant

2 Responses to Working with Craig Larman

  1. ly说道:

    I will work with…will have more time…


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