Ok, I am single now, Again.

According to the title.

All the past memories, they were precious, they were unforgettable, but, they are passed. Leave them there for mercy.

I never imaged that I would experience such a complex love history, well, in somebody’s eyes, it’s just a peace of cake, however for me it’s too complex.

There was the first girl, I loved, and I thought it’s the one, but, we broke out; the second, I pursued and failed, I nearly ran out of my brain cells, tried many romantic ways; and this one, no willing to talk about it now, it’s ended.

I have to searching for my love, the girl we can spend our entire life together, again, I have to. I never imaged this. I thought the first one would be the last one. Let’s hope the next one is the last one.


About Kaveri, Yi XU

Agile Coach & Consutlant

10 Responses to Ok, I am single now, Again.

  1. 晃晃说道:


  2. Yi说道:


  3. 仍浮于世说道:


  4. Yi说道:


  5. 说道:

    I appreciate your attitude and bless you could harvest your true love soon.

  6. Yi说道:

    Thank you very much for blessing me! I’ll fighting for that :o)

  7. 说道:


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  9. mingyuan说道:


  10. Yi说道:



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