Robot Framework 2.0版业已发布

近期,Robot Framework发布了2.0版本(英文)。Robot Framework是一个通用的基于关键字驱动的自动化测试框架,适用于验收测试(Acceptance Testing),基于Python搭建,使用表格格式创建测试案例。可以使用Python,Java语言开发新的library来扩展其现有的关键字模块,详情请参阅其主页(英文)

Robot Framework最初由Pekka Laukkanen开发,其后在诺基亚西门子网络公司内广泛使用,已经拥有超过1000人以上的使用者队伍。目前已基于Apache 2.0许可开源,希望更多人能够享受到它所带来的便利,其新版本软件及其文档资料将会发布在项目网站英文)上,用户则可以加入Robot Framework User Group(英文)寻求帮助、参与讨论以及分享经验等。其版权(Copyrights)属诺基亚西门子网络所有,并由其资助开发。


English Version :

Recently, the Robot Framework has released its version 2.0(EN). Robot Framework is a generic keyword-driver test automation framework, it’s Python-based, used for Acceptance Testing, It has an easy-to-use tabular syntax for creating testcases. Python and Java can be used to implement new test libraries to extend its current test capabilities, for more information, please access its website(EN).

Robot Framework was originally initiated by Pekka Laukkanen, later been widely used in Nokia Siements Networks, now we have more than 1000 users. It’s now open sourced based on Apache 2.0 license, to benefit more people, new versions and related documents will be published on the project website Users may join the Google forum Robot Framework User Group(EN) to ask for help, join the discussion, or share your experience, etc. Its copyrights are owned and development supported by Nokia Siemens Networks.

Robot Framework was commited to PyPI too, refer to for more information.


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