I like discussion!

I like discussion! Almost everytime I discuss with others, I feel that I learned a lot.
Today’s TA workshop is a kind of retrospective. It’s a great chance for me to know others’ understanding / difficulties / feelings / experiences / considerations / complains of Test Automation and so on. I have never experienced such perspectives on TA.
I’d like to have the chance to discuss with foreigners. Nice opportunity to know lifes other than myself, about their thinkings, their habits and characteristics, etc.
Discussion brings me new ideas, new understandings, new knowledge and many others, makes me to think my past, to concluse my experiences, analyze my suppositions, update my targets or visions.
Also I’d like to share my experiences, thinkings, handy tips to others – my friends, my colleagues and other amiable people.
The style of discussion is quite important, I prefer to have the argument at the beginning, we are strongly for ourselves’ opinions, then it’s easy to locate the communication gaps, then we work on them. Later it’s better to have a willing heart to contribute, try to find ways to solve problem. Then at last, it’s better that everyone agreed to take actions even who still have opposite opinions, people have to face to the same direction to fight again impediments.
More discussions! I like it!
Find me for discussion, my friends, you’re welcome! Let the discussion to be more fierce and more thorough.

About Kaveri, Yi XU

Agile Coach & Consutlant


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