going to losing chance

Things are not decided, but it seems no chances for me. I am going to losing chances, to missing chances…
Nobody is a superman, nobody should be the one. It should be fair to everybody, means no one special.
So chances are assigned to people but not one person only…
Trying to apply, trying to hold, trying to be qualify, trying to get good luck! Wish me good luck then, every friend of mine.
Everything should be alright, god bless me!!!
No heros here, one heros means others are turned to be normal. People are equal, equal to be respected, equal to be treated, equal to be given chances…
Competition is good for everyone!!! Welcome, competition!!!

About Kaveri, Yi XU

Agile Coach & Consutlant

One Response to going to losing chance

  1. 说道:

    good luck,no one can be the one helping u but yourself…


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